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Fleet Week

San Francisco Bay

The BEST seats in the house!

The US Navy's Blue Angels Fight Squadron is the pride of the Navy.

Get a true feel for the strength of the United States military by floating between their ships and under the flight path of these pilots and their planes that each are unequalled today.



 About Our Fleet Week Boat Rides... 




This is PRIME TIME for Coastal Nature and Whale Watching, and Farallon Islands Eco Tours!

watch the us navy's fleet week and blue angels air show by boat right on san francisco bay

Fleet Week and Naval Air Show for 2014 was very nearly cancelled; you never know when "this" Fleet Week might be the last...

The Blue Angel Air Show will occur on Saturday 10/6 ( 1pm-4:30pm ) & Sunday 10/7 ( 1pm-5pm ). Note that the first Blue Angels Air Show will be on Saturday afternoon.

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